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Shocker Internet Drive In Week 8 - Terror Triple Feature

Welcome back to everyone's favorite drive-in where the hot dogs are hot, the popcorn popped, and the movies are usually bad.

Regrettably, I am sad to say we do not have a cartoon this week ... but we had to make room for our first "Terrible Terror Triple Feature"!

In answer to several requests, we are proud to present those two terrible turkeys - "The Giant Gila Monster" and "The Killer Shrews" - but as an extra bonus feature, we bring you "Attack of The Giant Leeches". Yes, my fellow followers of fun horrors, that is three films for the price of none!

And though there is no cartoon, there are plenty of vintage drive-in advertisements and fun. So sit back, put the top down, smoke 'em if you got 'em, and enjoy the "Terrible Terror Triple Feature"!

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(Also, we see our work popping up here and there on various blogs and web sites. We have no problem with this - after all these are in public domain - but we do ask that you give our web site a little mention and credit. - Thanks The Management)

Run time 216 minutes 58 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: ken-j26 - - September 27, 2013
Three IS better than one. Seen all three when I was a child.Brings back memories.
Reviewer: Spy Smasher - - May 20, 2011
Subject: Your Best Effort So Far!
The acting was atrocious! The dialogs was probably written by grade school kids! The plots were stupid! The "monsters" were laughable! In short a Classic Auto Theatre Triple Feature! Will be looking for your next program. Thanks!
Reviewer: Tiggeroo - - April 6, 2011
Subject: Schlocky Fun
This is wonderful. I am planning to make a pizza, grab a soft drink and some Goobers, and find time this weekend to relax and enjoy the show!
Reviewer: hingerty - - April 5, 2011
Subject: Lotta fun
I remember back in the early 70s late 60s sneaking into the drive in in my 61 Plymouth trunk. 4 people could lie down cofortably! Never forget some of the features. One of the faves of that time was when they had the "Ape o Rama". They showed like 4 or 5 Planet o the Pes type movies. Hysterical stuff. Who watched the movies? The 3.2 flowed! The girls were easy! The boys were feisty! Reps were made and destroyed. It wouldnt work now.
Reviewer: Bridad - - December 31, 2010
Subject: Great concept - suggestion 4 U
These are so fun...I really hope you continue to make them. By way of suggestion, I would like to encourage you to create a Facebook page for "Shocker Internet Drive In" and I, for one, would click "like"!
Reviewer: LugosiRules - - November 14, 2010
Subject: Another gem of a download.....
In the words of the immortal Bela....."Exxxxcellent Mr Renfield! Exxxxcellent!!"
Reviewer: FP   - - November 14, 2010
Subject: Top-notch collection

All three of these were on the local CHILLER broadcast within weeks of each other when I was a tot. Nice talgia.
Reviewer: billbarstad - - November 13, 2010
Subject: Now All In One File
This is my favorite fever dream triple feature!